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Vin.Cleaning is a service that respects your privacy. Our methods are legal and we are reliable partners. We know and help in managing the reputation of your car bought at an auction in







Looking how to delete photos and vehicle's VIN history from Bidfax, Copart or other sites? Our service could help you with clearing you car history. Leave a request!

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More than 10 years of experience in business reputation SERM -
(Search Engine Reputation Management).

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If you value your privacy and want to keep this information private, you\'ve come to the right place! As the owner of a car bought in the USA, Korea or Canada, you have the right to restrict access to photos, mileage, accidents and other information downloaded from public sources (auctions, sales sites, etc.).

Our main advantages:

We are the only service on the market that can quickly analyze and provide all the information on the Internet about your car. Determine the impact of negative copyright infringing material and develop strategies to remove them with MINIMUM costs and completely legally.

We work with such resources as: plc, bidfax, autoastat, bidcars, autoauctions, badvin, bid.cars, atlanticexpress, automotousa, americamotors, usa-auto-online, bidcars, etc.

Why is it profitable and convenient to work with us?

Why should you contact us?

We will help you evaluate the real picture, prioritize areas for work and bring potential customers closer to buying. You can entrust us with any tasks to develop your brand and always get the most out of it.

What work we do:

  • Monitoring the presence in the Internet environment;
  • < li>Promoting to the top resources that positively affect the reputation;
  • Tracking and removing negative information;
  • Regular reporting and statistics.

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Why choose us?

We are the only service on the market with an integrated approach to cleaning the history of a car from the USA, Canada and Korea from negativity from all sites at the lowest prices.

Why are your prices lower than the amount that I personally found out from the administrators of the portals where my car is located?

We have lawyers in countries where servers with car photos are located, as well as wholesale agreements with many Internet websites.

Where to find VIN?

The VIN is located on the vehicle and car documents. It is located on the driver's side dashboard ( viewable through the windshield ), on the driver's side door ( on a sticker in the door jamp )

What sites do you remove cars from?

We delete from many open-source databases, and every day the list of sites from which we delete is only expanding.

How ethical is this service?

On the network, the most discussion is the removal of information from sites and search results, the order of positive reviews. However, it should be borne in mind that deletion is an extreme measure, and the main task of ORM is to replace irrelevant information, publish new content and work with problem areas. From this point of view, reputation management is a completely justified step for most.

You said that the cleaning of the car is over, why is the information about the car still available?

Search engines are arranged in such a way that today the Internet has expanded a lot, and the power of search engines and Internet bandwidth is not enough to index the entire Internet in one day. Some famous news Internet portals are indexed every day, some Internet databases with cars every few months. We send each VIN code that we clean to the search engines for forced re-indexation, so you can already see the result within a week, in rare cases it takes longer. In any case, you can independently follow the link offered by the search service and make sure that the content has been removed from the requested resource and your car is no longer there.}

Why do you require payment in full when ordering a service?

As per our expirience, it so happened that upon receipt of a deposit, we deleted information, the car was quickly sold and the customer disappeared. We always go to meet our new clients, and if there are concerns, we suggest performing the removal one resource at a time.

Can I order your services if the car was purchased only yesterday (recently) at an auction in the USA, Korea?

We recommend to order a cleaning of the car not earlier than a week after the end of the auction. Due to the fact that most sites posting information about the car immediately after the end of the auction, but the display in search engines occurs 3-7 days after the information appears on the sites.

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